Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
Effective From : July – 2009
PAPER NO. : 104

1. Networking Fundamentals
     An Introduction to Networks, Network Topologies and Types
     What is Networking?
     Exchange, Sharing, preserving and protecting Information
     Sharing Hardware and Software Resources
     Need, Uses and Advantages of Network
     Networks in the workplace (Tools, Tasks and Personnel) Clients, Servers and Peers based and Hybrid Networks Server types
     Network Topologies (Bus, Star, Ring, Star Bus, Star Ring and Physical Mesh) Network ( Transmission) Media (Wires, Cables, Fibre Optics,      Wave)
     Defining Network Protocols (H/W Protocols, S/W Protocols, H/W – S/W Interface) The OSI Model
     Major Protocol Suites
     Review of Protocols, Models and Implementations
     NetWare IPX/SPX Protocols(Lower, Middle and Upper Layer Protocols) Internet Protocols(Middle and Upper Layer Protocols)
     Basics of Miscellaneous Protocols(SLIP, PPP, FDDI, X.25, Frame Relay, ISDN, B-ISDN, SONET, SDH, ATM, SMRS)
2. Network H/W And S/W
     Cards and Cables, Repeaters, Hubs, Routers, and Bridges
     Network Cards
     Repeaters – its uses and selection criteria Hubs (Chassis Hubs and Stackable Hubs) Splitting Up Networks
     Bridges (The Spanning Tree Protocol, Traffic Segmentation and Monitoring with examples) Switches (Full Duplex Operation, Various    Switching Modes, Avoiding Switch overload,
     VLAN technology, Applicability)
     Routers (Protocols, A Routed Network Example, Protocol Specificity, Bridging and Routing compared, Protocol Address Conventions)
     Switch Routers
     Network Operating Systems
     Peer Network Operating Systems ( Windows 95-98-NT workstation)
     Client-Server Operating System( Common Features, Windows NT-2000, Novell Netware, Various Flavours of Unix)
     Client Software (DOS Clients, Windows Clients, Macintosh Clients) Novell Netware fundamentals
     File system (volumes), Directories, files & flags(i.e. attributes) of the File.
     Administrative command: Creating users & groups, assigning trustee directories & attributes, Login script, Security
3. Network Management And Security
     Understanding IEEE Standards
     Understanding Wireless Networks

Reference Books:
1. Data Communication and Networking – B. Forouzon –MC Graw Hill
2. Networking Complete- 1st Edition 2002, BPB Publication (Text Book)
3. Computer Networks By- TenenBaum- PHI Publication
4. Mastering Local Area Networks By Christa Anderson & Mark Minasi – BPB Publication
5. Mastering Novell Netware-Currid C.C, C.A Gillett-BPB
6. MCSE: Networking Essentials Study Guide- Tata McGraw Hill Publication
7. Introduction to Local Area Networks

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