201 Object Oriented Programming

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
Effective From: July – 2009
PAPER NO.: 201
Paper Title: Object Oriented Programming

1. Procedure Oriented Programming Vs. Object Oriented Programming
2. Classes and Objects
2.1 Structure & classes
2.2 Encapsulation & Data Hiding
2.3 Constructors
2.4 Friend Functions
2.5 Inline Functions
2.6 Dynamic Object Creation & Destruction
2.7 Destructors
3. Polymorphism
5.1 Operator Overloading
5.2 Functional Overloading
4. Inheritance
5. Dynamic Polymorphism

Reference Books
1. Objected Oriented Programming with C++ - E Balagursamy
2. The C++ Programming Language, Stroustrup, Addison Wesley
3. The Complete Reference C++, Schildt, Tata McGraw Hill
4. OOP in Tourbo C++, Robert Lafore, Galgotia Publication
5. C++ Primer, Lippman, Addition Wesley
6. Object Oriented Programming with ANSI and Turbo C++, Kamthane, Pearson Education
7. Thinking in C++, Bruce Eckel, Pearson
8. Object Oriented Modelling & Design, Rumbaugh…, PHI
9. Object Oriented Analysis & Design with Application, Grady Booch, LPE
10. Standard C++ with Object Oriented Programming, Paul S. Wang, Thomson
11. Object Oriented Design, Peter Coad, Prentice Hall


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