202 Programming in .NET

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
Effective From: July – 2009
PAPER NO.: 202
Paper Title: Programming in .NET

1. Overview of Microsoft .NET Framework
1.1 The .NET Framework
1.2 The Common Language Runtime (CLR)
2.3 The .NET Framework class Library
2.4 .NET Web Services
2. Visual Basic .NET programming
2.1 Working with Tool box controls
2.2 Working with Menus and Dialog Boxes
2.3 Tapping Errors Using Structured Error Handling
2.4 Using Modules and Procedures
2.5 Using Arrays and Collections
3. Object Oriented Programming
3.1 Creating Classes, Object Construction & Destruction
3.2 Class Libraries : DLL's & Static Classes
3.3 Abstraction, Encapsulation & Polymorphism
3.4 Interfaces & Inheritance
3.5 Object Serialization

4. Database access using ADO.NET
4.1 Visual Database Tools
4.2 ADO.NET Object Model
4.3 ADO.NET Programming
4.4 Working With DataSets
4.5 Integration with XML
4.6 The Middle Tier
5. Introducing ASP.NET
5.1 Overview of ASP.NET
5.2 Building Web Forms
5.3 Maintaining State in Web Applications
5.4 Caching & Configuration
5.5 Accessing Databases from ASP.NET
6. The Web Data Controls
7. Working With WebServices

References :
1. Moving to VB.NET: Strategies, Concepts, and Code by Dan Appleman
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3. Database Programming with Visual Basic .NET and ADO.NET by F. Scott Barker - Sams Publishing
4. Beginning .NET Web Services Using Visual Basic .NET, Joe Bustos and Karlli Watson, Wrox Publication
5. .NET – Complete Development Cycle, G. Lenz, T. Moeller, Pearson Education
6. Professional VB.NET, 2nd Edition by Fred Barwell, et al - Wrox Publication
7. Mastering Visual Basic .NET Database Programming - Bilgin - BPB Publication.


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